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  • Photographers | Amit Geron
  • Architecture | Architect: ANDERMAN ARCHITECTS, Architect in charge: Adi Cohen
Completely renovated by Anderman Architects Studio, this three-level house is located among the alleys and olive trees of the old city of Tel Aviv, showing off its 90 years.

The building age is also highlighted by the ancient vine, the big olive tree, the well in the yard and the tall limestone wall.

It represents the history of urban, narrow and tall Mediterranean homes, influenced by the proximity of the sea and by a special light.

The window that takes the place of the access to the roof terrace, allows the sun to flow all over the house with new glares and half-light.

The natural light, which changes during the different hours of the day, illuminates the sleek interiors of the house and designs the lines of the staircase.

Here, on the ground floor, the living area connects the front and the back of the house, offering a special focus on the Salinas kitchen and its highly convivial character, diffused within a calm, holiday-like atmosphere.

Keeping true to the history of this house, the kitchen fits discreetly, while juxtaposing its technical and contemporary mark.