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The location is wonderful: the lake of Zug, in the heart of Switzerland, a slab shining during the sunset hours, from where you can see the jagged crest of the mountains around.

The project of the timeshare condominium, developed by the Boffi Zürich team, is very versatile in its use for temporary holiday or business lodgings.

In a contemporary guesthouse all functional details are well-finished, made sophisticated and exquisite through the tailor-made Boffi’s style: walk-in closet, storage systems for two kitchen zones, cooking-washing monoblocs, bathrooms and glasses. The Antibes and Greene systems (designed by Piero Lissoni) enclose all elements in a white and sterile cube, where black traces the frames of doors, windows and connecting elements, like a sketch on canvas.

In the penthouse, the awarded island kitchen Cove (Zaha Hadid design) in Corian® preserves the purity of the complex digital lines that have made the Zaha Hadid Studio famous worldwide. This sculpture is in close relationship with the irregular sinuosity of the landscape around.