One network, one design philosophy. Boffi | De Padova is a leading provider of integrated interior design solutions emphasising sophistication and modern elegance. The design portfolio of the group consists of five core brands: Boffi, De Padova, MA/U Studio, ADL and Time & Style ēdition. Each has its own distinct identity. Each is dedicated to long-lasting Made in Italy design that never compromises on quality. Each is committed to assembling a contemporary furniture offering defined by a timeless aesthetic and functionality. The comprehensive set of interior design proposals from Boffi | De Padova offers a unique synergy. Individual pieces within each of the five brands’ furniture collections are designed as standalone objects of essential beauty and rigorous craftsmanship yet combine seamlessly with other elements in the product offering to create distinctive interior scenes marked by a refined contemporaneity.
Boffi | De Padova delivers a complementary assortment of modern furnishings composed of highly customisable kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe systems from Boffi; an understated stand-alone furniture and lighting collection from De Padova; adaptable shelving systems and minimalist furnishings from MA/U Studio; and technically sophisticated door and partition solutions from ADL.
Each year, Boffi | De Padova looks to evolve the group’s sophisticated offering of modern furniture by seeking out respected partners in the world of contemporary design. For 2020, the group has collaborated with Time & Style, a modern Japanese furniture brand that develops solid wood furnishings using traditional craft techniques. The result is the Time & Style Edition, a minimalist collection of standalone products referencing Japanese design aesthetics and executed using a mixture of centuries-old artisanal processes from Japan and modern manufacturing methods. Together, the brands pursue the same creative approach, seeking to focus on quality rather than trendiness to promote design that will be appreciated today and in twenty years’ time.
Boffi | De Padova contract division provides a wide selection of solutions cooperating with developers, architects and marketing consultants from the early stages of design up to final installation. Boffi offers integrated proposals for standardised or customised solutions. Guarantees design and manufacturing excellence together with the highest level of artisanal craftsmanship, for large-scale commissions. Coordinates design, planning and product solutions with a project-oriented approach. Finally, marine projects are characterised by contemporary on-board living solutions and custom designs in cooperation with historic and prestigious shipyards. De Padova, MA/U Studio, ADL emphasis on retail, public space, hospitality and office. The understated contemporary furnishings create distinct environments always focusing on the needs of customers.
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