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Terms and conditions

1 - Accessing conditions

The website (hereinafter “the Website”) is entirely managed by Boffi S.p.A., Via Oberdan, 70 – 20823 Lentate sul Seveso (MB). By accessing and using the Website, the user agrees to all the following terms and conditions of use.

Boffi reserves the right to change and correct the Website at its own discretion and without prior notice.

Boffi also reserves the right to change, at any time, the content of the terms and conditions of use; the user, therefore, acknowledges that the use of the Website is governed by the terms and conditions of use from time to time in force.

2 - Content

Despite taking the utmost care in the maintenance of its Website and of the content thereof, Boffi assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the data and information contained in the Website or in other related webpages; consequently, Boffi declines any responsibility for any errors or omissions directly or indirectly arising from the use of such data and information contained in the Website. The user is, therefore, obliged to check the accuracy of the information contained in the Website.

3 - Goods

The goods described in the Website are part of Boffi’s collections. Not all of Boffi’s goods contained in the Website are available at Boffi’s stores or at its authorized retailer stores. The shape, size and colour of the goods featured in the Website may be changed without prior notice.

The essential characteristics of Boffi’s goods are outlined in the Website. The pictures and colours of the goods reproduce as closely as possible the actual characteristics of the goods.

These pictures may not, however, perfectly match reality, also for technical reasons. The user is, therefore, required to verify the colours and quality of the goods directly at Boffi’s stores or at its authorized retailer stores.

4 - Intellectual property rights and trade marks

The Website, considered in its entirety, along with all the material contained therein, is protected by the laws on copyright and on other intellectual property rights.

The content posted or otherwise present on the Website - including, by way of example only, trade marks, logos, pictures, press releases and in general all documents available, including the application software and the codes used for the implementation of the Website - are of Boffi’s exclusive ownership or are used prior to authorisation or licence by the owner.

Boffi reserves any right therein including the reproduction thereof: the user may use such content only if this is strictly necessary for the correct use of the Website. Any other use is not allowed.

The creation of specific links that redirect the user to an internal page without going through the home page is prohibited (so called “deep linking”).

The creation of frame-links, which allow a page of the Website (or a part thereof) to appear within a page owned by third parties, in such a way that the content of the page appears within a frame specifically created for such purpose instead of appearing in an independent window of the navigation browser, is also prohibited (so called “framing”).

5 - Links

Hypertext links contained in the Website may direct the user to web pages on websites, other than the present website, which may be of interest to the user.

The user acknowledges and agrees that Boffi has no control over the content of such websites and as a mere third party has no responsibility for the content and/or material, including the advertising material, published on such websites or external resources or for the goods or services offered therein.

6 - Applicable law

These terms and conditions of use are governed by Italian law.

7 - Processing of personal data

Regarding the processing of the users’ personal data, please refer to the following link.