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  • Tel Aviv
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  • Israel
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  • Boffi studio Tel Aviv
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  • Photographers | Photography: Amit Geron Styling for photography: Eti Buskila
  • Architecture | Design: Irene Goldberg,Pitsou Kedem In charge architect : Raz Melamed Lighting design :Orly Avron Alkabes
D3 House is bordered by a low concrete wall, with two overlapping and misaligned volumes, that stand out in the sky of Tel Aviv.

Designed to create a precise and sleek appearance. The upper volume is constructed of exposed architectural concrete, to create a tension against the lower volume. Designed to create a sense of flight, the upper volume is positioned on a diagonal and emphasizes the contrast between it and the perforated white aluminium façade.

The geometric pattern is not only decorative, but is the fil rouge of the whole building. It is repeated throughout the property, in places such as on a bespoke shelving system of brass and onyx stone in the dining room or the stone wall in the entrance, which serves as a divider between the entrance hall and the kitchen. Like a graphic logo. The geometric perforations define the spaces and, at the same time, their seemingly random spacing allows light and shadow to play through. At night, the artificial lights filter out and transform the urban sealed “box” into a lantern.

The Pitsou Kedem Architects Studio designed this project using transparency, lightness and vertical and horizontal accessibility, where huge fenestrations allow the whole garden to penetrate into the house’s spaces. The floor-to-ceiling windows create a great connection between the interior rooms and the surrounding courtyard, the infinity pool and the multi-coloured flower beds.

The formal polishing and the precision in the detail, which accentuate a "monastic" language, does not yield to the decorative even in the furnishings. The semi-triangles patterned walls enclose the K14 kitchen by Norbert Wangen, characterized by elegant, functional and minimalistic shapes, declared in the mixture of glossy lacquers, steel and marble.

The bathrooms, designed by the Boffi Studio Tel Aviv team, emphasise the connection between rigorous preciousness, attention to detail, impeccable design and large dimensions, represented by the fullness of marble and the void of crystals in a pure and bright shell.

Like the entire spacious volume of the house.